International Expert Conference

Labour migration and refugee protection – a contradiction?


03./04. June 2013, Evropskýdům (European House), Jungmannova 24, Prague


The co-relation between labour migration and International protection is filled with contra-dictions, restrictions and strong demarcation created by regulative interests under contempt of asylum seekers needs and labour market requirements. The right to work and the Common European Asylum System seem to be incompatible – a serious situation under human right aspects but as well under economical reflection.

The conference will try to find back doors in an assumed indissoluble antagonism.

Asylum seeking — no way for a right to work?

Asylum-seekers in Europe are mostly excluded from an access to the labour market and to vocational training, either by law or by missing integration activities. Often the experience of exclusion in the countries of origin will be continued in the country of destination. Asylum applicants are arriving with skills and potentials which should be developed and used.

After the waiting period which sometimes takes years the integration of recognized refugees often fails. The refugees are disaffected, their potenials are invisible and a long way back to the centre of the society starts – a process with extraordinary expenses.

How can work bans be benchmarked under economical, labour market, migration and integration aspects?

Labour exploitation – after effect of work bans?

Employers are aware of asylum-seekers‘ potentials, work bans for asylum-seekers and/or the labour market exclusion make asylum-seekers to first adressees of employers employing people on non legal basis. If asylum-seekers are victims of labour exploitation often the opportunities to claim for remuneration are quiet poor.

Is it necessary to strenghten the legal positions of asylum seekers as victims of labour exploitation?